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Summer Hill School, acquired from Chesterfield County by the annexation of 1942, was named for the community in which it is located. The original 1919 building was a four-room school with a half-basement; in 1937, Chesterfield County built a brick addition with classrooms and auditorium. After annexation, a cafeteria and six primary grade classrooms were added (1951). In 1984, the general office area was renovated and a classroom addition was built.  In 2016, Summer Hill  became home to 14 Preschool Classrooms.


Our Motto:

Tiny Tigers ROAR by being

Respectful and safe, having

Outstanding behavior, and 

Attending school every day to be

Ready for K!


Summer Hill Preschool will ensure that pre-literacy, mathematics, and social-emotional skills are developed by addressing the unique needs of its culturally diverse, preschool population to guarantee that students are prepared to ROAR to success in Kindergarten and beyond.


  1. Each student will benefit developmentally from effective communication between and involvement of the entire school staff, family, and the community.

  2. Each student will learn to embrace others and demonstrate positive social-emotional and school-readiness skills to prepare for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

  3. Each student will receive opportunities to develop emotional, nutritional, and physical health to maximize educational experiences.